OOTD: Glimmers Of Gold


It’s a down right royal shame when you own a gold skirt and just NEVER wear it. This is one of those items in my wardrobe which I just can’t part with because 1) it’s a second hand Thurley skirt and would cost more than I’m willing to part with and 2) it’s GOLD, duh?!

It sprang immediately to mind during my annual post-Christmas bargain hunting expedition when I saw this white shirt in H&M and thought the two were made for each other!

Now, as some of you may know, I abandoned the good ol’ classic white shirt years ago along with my black pants/jumpers/anything that’ll make me look even remotely bigger/ etc. For whatever stupid reason I’d decided that white shirts were on the “do not wear” list and I hadn’t given them a second thought since.


That was of course until I saw this blouse and I instantly fell in love. The little gold beaded detailing really had me questioning my former stance and I threw caution to the wind and bought it!


Not long after my purchase Beth over at Almost Posh posted about embarking on her #NeverSayNever2017 challenge and it instantly resonated with me. It’s all about trying out previously shunned items of clothing and giving them a red hot go – a la my white shirt!

Who’s joining Beth and me in breaking some personal fashion rules and saying #NeverSayNever2017 ?


Shirt: H&M // Skirt: Thurley (given to me by a VERY generous friend) // Sandals: Kmart

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  1. Love the shirt and LOVE the skirt!!! You look gorgeous. My never say never would be that silver pleat skirt I’ve owned for a couple for years and never worn!

  2. That’s a cool idea! Some of the things on my list are really weird. Just stuff I have had an aversion to for strange reasons. Today I wore a plain tank top. No patterns on it to distract from my mid section. No words on it. No anything. And I felt good in it! I put it down to my tiny bit of weight loss. I must keep pushing on and finding even more never say never items I can try on again! x

  3. Lovely skirt and shirt too. I was just in H & M recently and purchased a gorgeous dress and a pair of pants and goodness me, they were so well priced… I have just spent a weekend cleaning out my wardrobe because I could never find anything to wear. Now I have rediscovered so many articles of clothing that I obviously liked when I bought them (as I don’t do impulse buying anymore) and even had some pairs of pants adjusted at the hem so I can wear them with lower heels, etc.
    I can’t wait to actually go into the wardrobe in 2017 and confidently choose an outfit with aplomb!

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