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Maybelline Master Fix by FaceStudio Setting Spray Review


It’s the morning, bleary eyed you apply your make-up to near perfection (or as close to without any lifesaving coffee in your system as yet) and you’re ready to face the day and kick some major goals. Come 3pm though, it looks like your face is melting and all you’ve done is sit at your desk all day. Does this sound like a familiar scenario?

This was my life!!

I was so sick of using all the best make-up (primer included!) and brushes and sponges and still managing to look like a hack by the end of each and every day. How were other women still looking like glamazons at the end of the work day while I was struggling? Surely there was a covert operation happening and I wanted in!

Turns out it wasn’t a huge secret, I just needed a setting spray! All it took was a quick look online and I found Maybelline Master Fix by FaceStudio Setting Spray ($15.95 from Priceline).


Spritz, spritz, spritz!

This is plugged as being lightweight and that indeed it is. I didn’t want anything that left a heavy or sticky feeling after being applied and this dries instantly and feels refreshing, like a face mist.

I was super cynical about it’s claims to “extend makeup wear and prevent fading” but I needn’t have worried as this little bottle of fabulousness does just that! By the end of day one I still looked as if I’d only applied my make-up only an hour or so before. I thought it was a coincidence but of course it was the magic of the Master Fix.

I’ve used this now off and on for the last month and I’ve definitely noticed a difference on the days I’m not wearing a setting spray. To say this has amazed me would be an understatement. Who knew a simple mist could lock in your make-up?

I also wanted to add that I used this on one of THE hottest days this year AND I was out dancing like a fool all night and it didn’t quite hold up which wasn’t surprising. I don’t think the strongest superglue could’ve kept my face in place that night!

Have you tried Maybelline Master Fix by FaceStudio Setting Spray or something similar? What did you think? This has definitely become a staple in my make-up kit and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get onboard.

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