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TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch Review


We all want kissable lips right? With all the trout-pouting going on in our selfies it’s evident that we ladies are all ready for a little bit of kissy-kissy action *snort!*

Seriously though, is there anything worse than dry and cracked lips? I can’t stand having a flaky, dry kisser and I tend to make it worse by biting and peeling off the skin when it flares up. OUCH! I needed a remedy on the immediate!

Trawling through Instagram I kept seeing every celeb and their dog wearing some kinda weird hydrating lip mask before their big awards ceremonies. Just what were these alien looking masks and were they in my budget?



After being bowled over by K-Beauty’s Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (tiny wine!!) last year I’ve been on the lookout for fabulously cheap and effective products ever since. It seems like Hollywood A-listers were doing the same thing as these lip masks are none other than K-beauty’s TONYMOLY’s Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch.

The oversized gummy looking patch is a once-only gel lip mask and promises to make lips smooth, soft and kissable. Just what was much needed after a combination of too many wines and sunburn (I know, I know!)


Once out of the pack it was a little hard to manoeuvre into place as it’s quite a slippery little sucker from all the magical unicorn tears serum. I was slightly sceptical as I didn’t have any tingling as in some of the reviews I’d read. All I had was a sweet berry aroma and loads of giggles taking these selfies, which also wasn’t very helpful keeping the mask in place!

When it’s locked onto your lips it’s a matter of 20 minutes before the wizardry takes place.


Wizardry indeed! Once my timer went off and I peeled away the jelly I revealed soft and supple lips. SUCCESS! I couldn’t quite believe how fabulous my lips felt and I was obsessed with looking at them for the rest of the afternoon. Even now, days later, they still feel dewy and kissable!

My only complaint is that there is only one lip patch in the packet. WAAAAH! With them being so cheap though (eBay AU$5.27) I’m going to have to stockpile them for a rainy day.

Have you tried TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch? What did you think?

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  1. I think a smile is much more attractive than a pout, but I’m knocking on a bit. A friend and her friend both recently featured on a FB photograph, both of them in full pout mode. I asked, very tongue in cheek, what tune they were whistling? She replied very seriously ‘We are not whistling, Andy, we are pouting.’

  2. This is actually my first time seeing anything like this lol I’ve tried lip scrubs and such but never heard of this. I want to try now!

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