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February started off in a whirlwind of fun and frivolity and then tapered out nicely on a very relaxed note. Almost too relaxed by my standards! If I continue in this semi-reclusive lifestyle my couch is going to take out a restraining order against me!


The “Year of Live Gigs” was in full swing as I went to see The B52s and Simple Minds. I was so ecstatic to finally see The B52s, as you all know they were a part of my Sunday Sessions series last year, and they didn’t disappoint! It was a sweaty night of dancing and jiving along to some old classics and it was fabulous being in the presence of my spirit animal, Kate Pierson.

They weren’t the only Sunday Sessions band to make an appearance, as the girls and I went to a 90s night of pure shite British pop and I got to relive Year 9 all over again seeing East 17. Talk about feeling old! Most of the girls in the crowd were easily 10+ years younger and didn’t know who the fuck they were but I was in my element! Alas, unlike a fine wine these lads didn’t get better with age.



The week was rounded out by seeing Bruce Springsteen, A.K.A. the Boss! What an utter showman and an absolutely phenomenal show. I went to see him more as a curious admirer and came out a huge fan. Honestly, that’s my kind of show; three hours of non-stop rocking!

Not to be outdone by all the musical fabulousness of the month I also went to see the Nitro Athletics at Albert Park and got to witness the rapid runner himself, Usain Bolt, with my own eyes and boy is he FAAAAAAAAAAST! This was a great night out seeing amazingly fit athletes compete in track and field events and made me a little nostalgic for my old track days at high school.



The month of funsies was finished off with a celebration for Blogger’s United‘s 2nd birthday bash at Lush. A small bunch of Melbourne bloggers were treated to a soiree of sensory stimulation! We were generously given a goodie bag filled with gorgeous face masks and body lotions. I also picked myself up one of their famous bath bombs and TREATED MYSELF to a much needed soak in the tub. Now I’m more than ready to usher in March, which looks to be a little quiet on the funsies front but I dare say that will change soon enough as it is #BirthdayMonth.

Oh, I also managed to get a late Valentine’s Day gift in the form of being shortlisted for the Top 50 Influencer Awards! The winners are announced in March, so who knows, March just may be MASSIVE. Thanks so much to everyone that voted for me, it’s very much appreciated!


How was your February dollface?  💋

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  1. What fun! Did Tony make an appearance with East 17 after all or is it some ring in?? Did they at least sound okay? I am HANGING to see Vanilla Ice, Salt n Pepa, Tone Loc, Young MC, Coolio and Colour Me Badd mid year, it’s going to be EPIC.

  2. Lush bath bombs are the best. Congrats on the nomination, fingers crossed!!! And isn’t it crazy how fast the month goes by! And so jealous at all the gigs, and glad you loved Springsteen. I went along because it seems like a gig that you just have to go to, and was blown away. xxx

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