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Beauty Essentials Felt Eyeliner Pen Review


I’ve had a love affair with liquid eyeliner pens for quite a while now. It’s actually in my top three make-up picks if I were to be stranded on a desert island (after lipstick and mascara natch, because you obviously NEED make-up when you’re in the middle of nowhere!)

For a number of years now I’ve been a dedicated Kat Von D Tattoo Liner fan. It’s always reliable and ridiculously easy to use but for $28 a pop it’s not the cheapest liner on the market. Once the clock struck midnight on the New Year I vowed to make a conscious effort on spending less on my every day make-up needs and I was going to start with eyeliner.


I was on the lookout for a pen that delivered all the fabulousness of the KVD liner but hopefully at half the price…and I found one even cheaper! A quick browse on the Priceline website and I found Beauty Essentials Felt Eye Liner Pen for the bargain price of $3!


Of course I was super sceptical because it was so cheap. I had visions of the nib cracking on impact and having panda eyes by 11am but I needn’t have worried because this liner is awesome! The nib is very sturdy (I’d even go far to say that it’s better than KVD) and makes it easy to deliver a solid line of make-up. It also lasts just as long as KVD and doesn’t run or bleed into my eyelid.


Needless to say I’m a huge fan of Beauty Essentials pen and I’ve been converted! With a $25 saving I’m more than sold. Have you tried Beauty Essentials or a similar über cheap liner?

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  1. Ooooh yes, I love a liquid eyeliner pen! I’ve currently got a Zoeva Cat Eye Pen on the go – it was cheap on Beauty Bay but when I went to check the exact price, it says it can’t be shipped here?! DAFUQ? Apparently it’s restricted now GRRRRRR. In that case, I will certainly be checking these bad boys out. Please tell me how you get such a good wing!

    • Oh that sucks! I wonder why it’s restricted??
      I’d love to tell you that I am super skilled in the art of the cat-eye but alas it’s all dumb luck. For some reason I can do my right eye really well while my left eye looks like the feeble little cousin! Still practising!!

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