OOTD: Paint It Black ~ Day Three

On the weekend I walked into Mum and Dad’s house in my all black garb and Mum immediately was concerned “What’s wrong? Why are you all in black?” See, even mum knows I NEVER wear it! She thought I was paying respects to an aunt who had recently passed away but alas it was only for my wardrobe challenge = #awks

I think this is where all my reservations come from. Growing up Mum never wore black (and still doesn’t) unless we were going to a funeral and it was always seen to be worn when you were in mourning. Bloody ethnics!!

I’m ever so sloooooowly coming around to it as it is very rock and roll. Although I think I’d prefer it more in winter when you can jazz it up with some cool boots + tights combos. It seems so strange to be wearing all black in summer/autumn when the weather is still so warm, is that odd?

Do you wear all black no matter the season?

Top: Zara //Skirt: Sussan // Sandals: Kmart

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  1. Pretty and fancy sheer fabric you have there on the sleeves! Does that heavy-looking roll under the bodice serve as any more than decoration? I wonder where the origins of that particular feature were? A thin grey belt turns in into almost a Greek or Roman style!

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