OOTD: Green Sleeves

Seems like once I decided to open the floodgates on all the clothes I thought I’d never wear again in this lifetime I now have a compulsion to wear (and buy) them ALL!

It all began with 12 Days of Jeans-mas and my, now, new love of all things denim. It quickly spiralled into all-black, errrrry-day with Paint It Black and my appreciation of a noir ensemble.


I’m throwing major caution to the wind and combining two pieces that I would have positively baulked at previously; white pants and a jumper – wwwwhhaaaaat?

Ever since last winter’s wardrobe challenge I have been on the hunt for some white pants as I thought it was high time this gal owned a pair. Yes, I’m prone to spilling stuff on myself (especially drinks!) and yes, they’ll probably only last a couple of weeks before being completely ruined but I don’t care, I’m embracing them.

I’m fully embracing #NeverSayNever2017 – how about you? Have you thrown your own fashion rules out the door?

Jumper + Slides: Zara // Pants: Mix Apparel // Handbag: Gift

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  1. This is such a sweet look – so fresh! White pants were number 1 on my Never list but I am coming around as you know – a green top is next level. The only green I have is khaki! I am about to try yellow though – GASP.

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