Lately… March

Oy to the mutha-effing VEY!

How has my birthday month come and swiftly gone?

To be fair, March has been extremely low-key by my usual birthday month standards but it has still zoomed by. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t hey?

It was actually a month of wins and surprises, which was lovely and fabulously unexpected, as a bit of the old Rosie luck came back with some competition madness.

First up, Tez and I won some last minute tickets to A Weekend in the Gardens over the Labour Day long weekend. We struck gold and managed to score premium seats (8th row, who the hell even are we?!) to see Aussie greats; Ross Wilson, Daryl Braithwaite (DAZZA B!) and John Farnham. March was meant to be the quiet month in the “Year of Live Gigs” so I feel extremely fortunate to have scored such great tickets and add another gig to the list (I’m up to six for those that are counting).

And would it have really been a birthday month if I didn’t give you all a little gift of my own?! A couple of weeks ago I took part in my own wardrobe challenge with Paint It Black. I had some mixed reviews on my all-black ensembles but I think the general consensus was that you loved it!

Hmmmm now to think of my next challenge… decisions!

Next up in my freebie flurry was a free coffee from the café downstairs (HEY, I didn’t say they were all gold medal wins!) where I collected my free latte for answering their daily trivia question correctly;

What is the longest word you can make from using only the top row of letters on a qwerty keyboard?

Do you know the answer?? No cheating!

Finally, I also won tickets to a Cotton On rooftop party to celebrate their new collection. Look, y’all know I love me some Cotton On clothing and I thought the location was just fabulous (Notel Melbourne) but the crowd was just a teensy bit on the young side!

The weather has been fabulous and über sultry with the onset of an Indian summer (can we still call it that or is it politically incorrect?) here in Melbourne and I finally took the opportunity to head to the beach and soak up those last few rays of summer before winter is here. By the way, do you like my new prescription sunnies?

Unfortunately, right after this pic was taken I started getting the symptoms of a dreaded summer cold and ever since I’ve been coughing and spluttering.

I ask you, how can one human produce so much snot?!!

My birthday week was lovely and it was spent lunching, brunching and generally eating all of the food (meh, I’m training for a half marathon so I need those carbs). I was very spoilt and received not one but FOUR bunches of flowers from my gorgeous friends and colleagues! Who’s a lucky girl?

How was your March dollface?  💋

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    Black clad with a chapeau,

    Nicest girl you’d ever know…

    Wide-brimmed fedora

    Fashion explorer,

    Oh how we love her work so!

    –Jonathan Caswell

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