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Rosie’s Running… My First Half Marathon!

#NoFilter – how gorgeous is that sunrise?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just plain ignoring my blog (hey, that’s cool, I get it *sniff*) then you’d know that I’ve been training for my first half marathon since the start of the year. Months of hard work, plenty of sweat, two new pairs of running shoes (hey, it was a necessity!) and loads of social time was sacrificed for this past weekend’s Great Ocean Road Running Festival.

What started off as a silly comment in passing after watching some friends in a half marathon in December last year came to fruition as a legitimate goal for 2017.

For years I’d shrugged off suggestions for entering anything longer than 10km because I said I couldn’t run a half marathon and that I wasn’t really a runner, but I was tired of seeing other friends starting from scratch and becoming absolute running legends in a matter of months. Dammit, why couldn’t I do that?!

Finally I was going to put my negative attitude on the backburner and take charge.

Sunday morning, bright and ever so early we caught the bus from Lorne down to the starting line in Kennett River. It started off being chilly but the sunrise over the beach was worth the goose bumps and we thankfully ended up having some great weather for the day.

A normal half marathon is 21.1km (13.1 miles) but this one is a teeny bit longer as we’re running to finish off in the centre of Apollo Bay. I knew I had a bit of a battle ahead as I’d been struggling to get over a cold the week prior (I know, I was JUST sick!) so most of the brunt of those winding hills was taken out on my lungs.

I gotta run how far?!

I’m not going to lie dollface, it was FUCKING tough! Quite possibly one of the toughest physical feats I’ve ever had to do. I struggled for breath up all of the hills (and there were plenty of bloody hills) and had to battle with snot and pains in my feet but at no stage did I ever want to give up. I was going to cross that finish line and I didn’t care what time I did it in.

Finally after 23 gruelling kilometres we crossed the finish line and received our finishers medal and I wanted to scream and cry and vomit and collapse… but I just walked on over to the refreshment table and grabbed myself a water and a Gatorade instead.

They say runners are a mad bunch and I must be a runner now because I’d like to do another half marathon, preferably one with a MUCH flatter course!

This is my mate McArthur, he’s been participating in the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon since it’s inception in 2004. He’s actually my age but the stress of running has made him prematurely age! I guess this is what I have to look forward to.

Oh so happy but oh so buggered!

Who knows, maybe I’ll start up a running blog… would you read A Red Cheek And A Running Shoe?

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  1. Great job! It’s always cool to see older people out there killing the game running, like McArthur!

  2. You are a bloody LEGEND! Congratulations, can’t even imagine how hard you worked for it. 👍👍👍

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