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What’s the Best Holiday You’ve Been On?

Right about now, if all is going to plan, I should be road tripping somewhere in Monterey, California. Bring on the sun, surf and plenty of well deserved cocktails! Before I left I started reminiscing about all the holidays I’d ever been on and wondered whether this trip would make the list of “best trip EVER!” I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled far and wide and all across my own fabulous country and after each trip it always feels like it was the best trip. I guess that’s the beauty of having awesome friends and family to travel with.

I don’t think I could ever narrow down which one was my most favourite trip, I mean how do you pick from a list that includes feeding dolphins in Monkey Mia, Western Australia, watching the ball drop in Times Square, NYC for New Year’s Eve or celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland? You just can’t!

So here’s a glimpse at just some of my treasured trips from my photo albums…


Technically not a holiday, as I was there on a years working contract, but believe me when I tell you that I was getting paid to have FUN FUN FUN! This was my very first trip away from home and my family and I was a little green when it came to travel. Looking back I wish I explored the country more but I still managed to see a little; from climbing Mt. Fuji to touring Kyoto’s temples and dressing up like a traditional geisha. This is definitely a country I’m aching to get back to hopefully within the next year or two.


If loving Vegas is wrong then I don’t ever want to me right! I will never apologise for loving the glitz and glamour (and sometimes sleaze) of the infamous Las Vegas Strip and I’ll be heading back there on this trip for the 5th time. The lure of the neon lights, the heat, shopping malls, an endless array of live shows, copious amounts of free glasses of champagne and big fat bastard meals draws me back every time. Viva Las Vegas indeed!

Hamilton Island

I had to include this holiday because it was the very first trip I’d taken solo. Yes, I travelled to Japan alone but I was working and eventually made life long friends yadda yadda yadda… but Hamilton Island was where I truly indulged in solo travel. I basically lived by that pool (above) for four days just doing whatever the hell I wanted. Do you want to sit all day and read? YES! Do you want to finish off this bottle of wine on your balcony? HELL YES! Do you want to join that weird American trio who invited you out for ice cream? EFF NO! You get my drift.


As a drama student at Uni I dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamed of one day living and working in the Big Apple and being a professional ACT-OR! Alas, those dreams never came to fruition but I have been lucky enough to have travelled to NYC a handful of times and I will never tire of it. The first time I saw Times Square was from a bus window and I cried like a baby. It still makes me emotional just thinking about it.


Sigh. Italy is quite simply divine. The food, its history, the architecture, the food, the art, the culture, the food! I loved it so so much, from cycling through the Tuscan countryside to trekking along the Cinque Terre to devouring ALL OF THE FOOD all over the country.

What’s the best holiday you’ve been on?

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  1. I love Italy too-been to Rome a couple of times, Verona and to Assissi. (How many ‘s’? Couldn’t be bothered googling! 🙂 ) Oh, and mustn’t forget the little matter of my honeymoon in Garda 🙂 Favourite holiday though was in Crete in 2008, when we stayed in a villa out in the sticks.

  2. That is a tough question! I think my trip backpacking Australia and New Zealand for 7 weeks will take a lot of beating but then my honeymoon in Sri Lanka and the Maldives was pretty special too.

  3. I’ve been to all those places Rosie, and they are all fantastic, I agree. I’ve been to Japan 4 times now and it is sublime.
    Here’s something I wrote about a quick visit to Hiroshima last year:
    My daughter is currently preparing to head off to study in New York for 2 years, as she was accepted into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, so all our ‘holiday’ money will be going to fund her life and study there, I’m afraid…

  4. I’d really like to visit Japan – it sounds fascinating and everyone I know who has been there rates it highly. I have had a quite a few good trips – memorable ones include first overseas holiday (UK/Europe on Contiki 2002), destination wedding (USA 2007), 30th birthday (Thailand 2008) and first trip with a bubby (Vanuatu 2013) . . . all very different styles of holiday but loved them all. I am getting a hankering to flex my passport and I think I might have to treat myself for a special birthday next year . . .

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