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Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Tool Review

Hands up who likes to live the simple life? Everyone does, right?! Leave the drama for your llama, AM I RIGHT?!

Well I know I definitely love things that make my life run a little smoother like the carpooling lane, electric wine bottle openers and even better; screw tops for the win!

When I saw these quick eyeliner sticker stencils which help to create the perfect cat eye I knew I had to get them. It’s taken me many years to excel at my liquid liner game but trying to get that fabulous cat eye flick still eludes me. Try as I might I CANNOT get my left eye to match the awesomeness of my right eye and I finally realised why Left Eye Lopes was covering up!

For a measly $7 on eBay I picked up a 12 piece sticker set that guaranteed a flawless and sexy cat eye flick no matter what size your eyelid is. Even though the pictorial instructions were a no brainer I still watched the quick YouTube tutorial (because I am a professional!). Applying the stencil I noticed it was super tacky so I worked some of the stickiness off on my wrist so I wouldn’t rip my eyelid off.

After a little maneuvering I stuck the stencil in place (above) and went to town with my eyeliner. Once it was dry I slowly took the stencil off ready to look like a modern day Cleopatra and all I got was this…

Ummmmm what??

Does that look like a perfect cat eye to you?! I look more like Hatchet Face than Cleopatra!!

Lesson learnt;

Once again I’m left with a dud product that promised me the world!

Have you tried these (or similar) cat eye stencils? Did they work for you or did you end up with the same results?


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  1. You always make me laugh. I actually like the sticker look. Would go great if you got your pink hair back 😜

  2. hahaha thanks so much for sharing! Reading the title I was hoping you’d love the item, I suck at eyeliner, takes me ages to get it right.
    I hope there’ll be similar but better products in the future.
    Have a great Tuesday!
    Love from

  3. Thank you for testing this so I wouldn’t be sucked in. I live in hope for the perfect no-fail cat’s eye tool . . . have you seen the Vamp Stamp? I am keen to try but also feel like I would be disappointed.

  4. Omg so funny! Thanks for the review though. Knowing myself, that’s the sort of shit that I buy 😀

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