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Say HOLA to Honey + Seaweed Skincare!

 *These products were generously gifted by HOLA – all opinions are always 100% my own.*

Hey dollface, or should I be shouting HOLA now that I’ve found some new favourite skin care products?!

If there’s one thing that I need more of now in my late 30s, especially after being diagnosed with rosacea, it’s fabulous skin care products that not only do what they say on the bottle but are also gentle and beneficial to rebuilding my skin. When I was asked to try out the new Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range and Seaweed Moisturising Range by HOLA I was more than happy to give them a go. You see HOLA’s philosophy is super simple and straightforward and one that resonates with me at this time of my skin care life;

the most simple and effective ingredients bring you the most natural and healthy skin care

Can I get an AMEN?!

First up I tried out the Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range because as I mentioned; late 30s (I’m looking at you laughter lines!) and one of my childhood nicknames happens to be Bee (that’s a whole other story for another day but here’s a reminder of an homage to the nickname). All these products are enriched with Australian grown honey extract which is meant to leave you with a smooth, lifting and glowing complexion.

The range includes a Day & Night Cream, Eye Cream, Lotion, Toner and Essence as well as the Honey Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser and Anti-Wrinkle Masque which I got to play with.

The first thing I noticed with the honey range was the most divine scent. It’s the bees knees! (sorry I couldn’t help myself) It smells sweet and rich but not overly sickly as some other products that tout honey in their ingredients. The cleanser doesn’t lather up as much as I’d like (I love lots of suds!) but it does leave my skin feeling clean and soft.

Aren’t sheet masks the shizzle?! Especially because they make you look Buffalo Bill hideous but feel ever so soothing! The Anti-Wrinkle Masque is enriched with royal jelly, a kick-ass natural ingredient that helps heal wounds (hello rosacea scabs!) as well as dry skin.

After using the Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser and the Anti-Wrinkle Masque I haven’t noticed my wrinkles disappearing and I’m not so naïve to think that any skin care products can get rid of them. What I did notice was softer and dewy skin which is always a huge win to me.

Next up was the Seaweed Moisturising Range which is meant to hydrate, freshen and moisturise your skin. The range includes a Seaweed Moisture Make-Up Remover, Cleansing Gel, Toner, Eye Gel, Eye Cream, Lotion, Mask and Essence and hands down my favourite two products the Exfoliating Gel and Repair Cream.

This combination of moisture-enriched marvellousness really does work wonders! First up the gentle exfoliating gel gets rid of the days make-up and oil build up and then the repair cream (which is more like a cream/gel hybrid in texture) comes and injects my skin with much need moisture leaving it feeling refreshed and all aglow.

Both the Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range and Seaweed Moisturising Range are available nationally via (remember those other fabulous skincare products?) or in-store at the shiny new Glamourflage shop located at Melbourne Central in Melbourne’s CBD.

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