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The Crème Shop Calm Down, Skin! Animated Face Mask Review

It’s fair to say that 2017 is fast becoming the “Year of the Sheet Mask.” Sure, other beauty bloggers have been all over these since forever and a day ago but I’ve only just arrived to the party and I’m loving the shiz out of them!

They look ridiculously silly when you’re wearing them (which is half the fun!) but I effing love how they’re super easy to use and are way less messy than a regular mud mask.

I found this The Crème Shop Calm Down, Skin! Animated Face Mask in a pack of 3 kitty face masks while scouring the bargain bin at T.J. Maxx in Santa Monica and I was thrilled! Usually these K-Beauty staples are $4 a pop but this triple pack was marked down to $3.99 = SCORE! We all know how much I’ve jumped on the K-Beauty bandwagon, so these were a fabulous find.

The Animated Mask range comes in six different masks, each with different benefits: Cheer up, (Zebra), Drink Up, (Penguin), Perk Up (Tiger), Slow Down (Panda), Wake Up (Raccoon) and Calm Down (Kitty) which I figured would be most beneficial for my red skin.

They’re infused with pink grapefruit, something I thought would be irritate my skin and make it sting but it was actually the opposite. It’s also rich in lycopene (a phytochemical found in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables) to heal inflammation and sun damage, which is always welcome after a vacay in the sunshine.

As with most face masks I didn’t notice a dramatic difference with my skins appearance. I did think it felt cleaner and I definitely felt rejuvenated afterwards, almost, but not quite as good as a cat nap! I just really love the fact that they have a silly/cute animal face on them which is a welcome change from the plain masks that kinda look like cadaver skin!

Have you tried The Crème Shop Calm Down, Skin! Animated Face Mask range?


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