Lately… August

Oh heeeeeey there dollface! I know, I know, it’s been forever and a day since I last posted anything. Why so long between OOTDs and beauty reviews? Well, in between being slammed at work, training for another run and trying to keep up with my social life (which happens to include couch time thank you very much) I’ve been going through some sort of existential crisis! I mean, what’s it all for dollface?

Do you ever have one of those days (or in my case its been about 3 weeks now, so it can’t all be hormones can it?!) where you think to yourself what’s the point? With the impending doom of Kim Jong Un about to drop the bomb any day now and with Nazis spreading their hate propaganda as well as the arseholery this bullshit plebiscite in Australia is creating do we really need another tiny blogger talking shit about what her thoughts are on the latest mascara on the market and whether triple denim is the IT thing (you so know it is)?

Obviously I’ve been mulling over it and I came to  my senses and thought YAAAAAAAAS we do need more people spreading their happiness and peppering the day with fun outfits and silly stories about what they’ve been up to. Who cares if it’s not important or deemed trivial? We definitely NEED to focus on what brings us joy and give less fucks about the things we don’t have control over, so Kim Jong Un if you’re reading this (and you know he’s a huge fashion blog reader) then you can aim and fire but not before I share another Lately… post!!

As promised in last month’s post I have indeed kicked off my slippers and jumped feet first into August! I’m happy to report that The Year of Live Gigs is back in full swing after a gig-less July, having gone to two shows (and Aussie acts to boot!); Sunday Sessions and my 90s R&B favourites, CDB, as well as the very HAAWT Pete Murray, bringing the years tally to 16 gigs.

I also went to see two musicals which is huge as I haven’t been to the theatre in ages. First off was the hilarious The Book Of Mormon which had me in stitches. I’m a huge fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (are you really surprised?) so it was great to see their show after hearing so much about it. Next up was Aladdin and let’s just say it left me “whelmed” (neither over or under). The costumes and scenery were gorgeous and the actor playing the Genie was just exceptional but everything else was really meh.

The countdown is truly on now with 6 weeks to go until my next half marathon. This time around I’m not as nervous as I was for the Great Ocean Road half, but that’s not to say I’m not pooping myself. I’m going to make it a priority to see the chiropractor more regularly as I found after an adjustment (and a 14 hour sleep afterward) that I had no complaints mid run.

I also wanted to try writing words of motivation on my hands (I saw it in a blog post and for the life of me I can’t remember where!) to spur me on. I like the idea of being tired but looking down and seeing “run like no one is watching” or “keep moving shit tits!” written on the back of my hand. I’ll try this out soon and let you know how it goes.

I can tell you right now, training in winter is not so fun when you get rained and hailed on. I know I bitched and moaned through the warmer months but sheesh it’s effing cold in Melbourne at the moment! Hurry up warmer months… that is if we’re still around by then (still looking at you Kim!).

How was your August dollface? Are you cowering under the bed waiting for impending doom like me?




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    • Oh nooooo! Have you all been ill?? I’ve actually managed to escape the lurgie (well not really I’ve been sick twice this year so I’m not aiming for a 3rd time LOL) Hope you’re all on the mend xxx

  1. Rosie you are such a doll, you are always so positive and one day i hope to run a half marathon with you. xx

  2. I think even seasonal changes can influence our moods, and I often find that when winter feels like it’s dragging on my joy kind of goes downhill too. But you’re probably the most cheerful and funny blogger I follow, so please don’t stop! I’ve made that mistake too, of giving in to a dark moment to hit delete on something I enjoy. And Spring is finally here, think of all the new outfits! Xxx

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