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Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Review

There’s a saying that goes something like “never trust anyone with thin lips” and ever since I’d heard that I’ve always felt judged. Sure, my lips aren’t wafer thin but they’re not exactly Angelina Jolie-esque now are they? I’m a sucker for a plumper lip as all I can think about is having a bigger surface area to work with for all that fabulous lipstick out there!

I have to admit I’m tempted to get some saucy fillers in to thicken out my kisser but then I’m worried that I’d love them so much and keep wanting more and more until I look a little like this…


So before I lose touch with reality and go to town with any needles I thought I’d try Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip gloss. It’s touted as being a lip plumper with immediate action and long lasting results… hmmm really?! A simple lip gloss can do all that?

Being the huge sceptic that I am I wasn’t ready to commit to the full sized tube and with the Aussie price tag attached I definitely wasn’t keen. Thankfully whilst browsing the miniatures/travel section at Sephora in Vegas recently I found this fun-sized plumper at more than half the cost (from memory it was $14) and I was ready to give this baby a whirl.

The very first thing I’d noticed after swiping my lips with the glossy goo was a very sharp tingling sensation. Too Faced assures me that “the tingling sensation tells you it’s working and lips appear full and pouty from your very first application and plumper overall, overtime.”

Ummm not too sure about appearing “pouty from the very first application.” There was no change to the size of my lips WHATSOEVER!

Before and After

I’ve used the Lip Injection Extreme gloss on a number of occasions now and I haven’t noticed a lick of difference so the size of my lips and they can still be considered “untrustworthy!” HOWEVER, what I do like about the gloss is that it gives me an intense rosy hue that a regular gloss wouldn’t give. Whatever the ingredients are that provide the tingling sensation (probably car battery acid!) they’re definitely responsible for giving this intense reaction.

I’d also like to point out that right after these pics were taken I saw my mum and gave her a kiss hello on the cheek. Immediately after it looked like she had a lipstick stain!  Her skin had quite a reaction to the gloss, so if you have sensitive skin you may want to give this one a miss. OR don’t smear it anywhere other than your lips! *ahem*

The larger 4ml version of the Lip Injection Extreme retails for AUD$40 at Mecca.


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  1. Your lips look great! You really only have to line your lips slightly outside the line for a fuller look. I got this product in a Sephora Play bag and promptly gave it to my co-worker. She did say it really burned when she put it on. Um, no thanks!

  2. Haha, I would so fall for this if I saw it in a store! Am currently trialling a brow serum that the beautician swore helped her mum grow back some brows, we shall see!

  3. You already have beautiful lips Rosie ! “Untrustworthy lips” ? I don’t think so. But one thing for sure is that I would not trust a product that leaves me with a burning sensation. As a scientific journalist, I’ll say definitely allergic/chemical reaction. Thanks but no thanks! Nice reading you. -Dominique

  4. You are too cute and hilarious! I definitely tried this at Sephora before and a little bit of the gloss seeped over my lip line leaving me with a horrible “ring of fire” moustache around my mouth. And it burned omg!! Thanks for your fantastic review and reminding me to never let that stuff grace my lips again 😂 xo-Lauren Will

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