Lately… September

OK, how in the holy Huey fucking Lewis is it the end of September?! I’m serious now, if you have access to the remote control can you kindly press pause?!

This past month has been equal parts funsies to equal parts chillaxing and I feel like I finally have the balance down pat. I’m all about getting out and seeing the sights, chatting some shit and having a few too many bevvies but the older I get the more time I need to recuperate and meditate on life. Anyone else a huge introvert that needs a lot of alone time?

Here’s a lesson for the kids out there… when you’re having a relaxing bath with some Epsom salts don’t go sticking your face in the water! Here I was having a soothing dip to ease some muscle soreness and thinking I was winning at life and then I go and stupidly wash my face in the bath water. What I failed to remember is that my eyes are SUPER sensitive and I had an allergic reaction immediately. Needless to say I shan’t be doing that again.

One Sunday afternoon I took a little road trip up to Ballarat (my old Uni home town) to catch the David LaChapelle photo exhibition as part of the 2017 Ballarat International Foto Biennale. It was the first time his work has been shown in Australia which is very exciting. LaChapelle got his first gig working for Andy Warhol and is renowned for using celebs in his work so y’all know I’m a huge fan. My only gripe about the exhibition was that it was so small! Being a regional gallery it is very little and I could have done with seeing LOADS more photos.

I also went to see my recent personal guru, Mark Manson, he of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck fame. I really enjoyed hearing him speak about how he came up with the ideas for the book but I really wish they had a better interviewer for him as the guy asking him questions was über dry.

As I mentioned in my last post I went to see The House of Dior: 70 Years of Haute Couture during the NGV’s regular Friday night schedule of Art + Music. After lusting over the gorgeous gowns my friend Natasha and I stayed to see Japanese punk-rock chicks, Shonen Knife. They truly rocked the house and made me a little home sick for Japan!

Earlier in the month I also caught the king of 80s adult contemporary, Christopher Cross, at the Forum and he was AWESOME. I challenge you to listen to Ride Like The Wind the next time you’re feeling in a funk! That brings The Year of Live Gigs tally to 18 for 2017.

If you’ve been keeping up with me on the socials (if you’re not, what wrong with you?!) then you’ll know that training for the Melbourne Marathon’s half marathon has been all systems go with all my Sunday’s well and truly taken over by long runs (12-18km). The last couple of weeks we’ve been heading down the Capital City trail along the Yarra and we have a bloody fabulously gorgeous city here in Melbourne. Last weekend I made some new friends whilst running through Collingwood Children’s Farm…

… and just like that September is over! How was your month dollface?



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  1. I’m with you, it cannot be October already!!! Ouch at your allergic reaction, looks painful! Yu always seem to have such a busy month, and I am in awe of all your fitness activities, go girl! xxx

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