Frocktober 2017 :: Day 7 – 13

There’s something awkward about asking people for money. For as long as I can remember I just have some sort of aversion to it. Even when I started fundraising for Frocktober this year I got kinda shy and afraid to ask people for donations. But what I’ve come to realise is that people generally WANT to be charitable and all you have to do is ASK! I mean there are people asking for money for stupid shit on their GoFundMe pages and here I am asking you to help find a cure for ovarian cancer!

So I’m asking you ever so nicely dollface, would you like to donate a couple of bucks to my Frocktober fundraiser?

Day 7 – 10

Day 11 – 13

Frocktober Total (as at Friday 13th October) = $1,549.26

Frocktober Goal = $2,000

Still Needed = $450.74

If you’d like to donate (and remember no amount is too small!) please clink on this link here. Thanks to everyone that has already donated!!


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