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Rosie’s Reading…

Finally I feel as though I’m making progress with my reading challenge. This month I’ve managed to smash through three books and picked up a fourth, only for me to pop it back in the pile. Sometimes, thankfully not often, my choices aren’t fabulous, but these three sure […]

Lately… April

In the classic words of one Mr Bruce Springsteen “baby, we were I was born to run” and I have been doing LOADS of it! Most of my weekends these last few months have been taken up by loooooong runs on Sunday mornings and April has been the […]

OOTD: Harem Pants

Look, if there’s one thing that life has taught me it’s that you can never say never! (aside from attending a Bryan Adams concert, that shit will NEVER happen!) Clothes that I vowed never to wear again, like these shorts, once again see the light of day. Same […]

Miss Muddy 2016

Excuse me, but I’m feeling a little Christina Aguilera coming on…. “wanna get dirty, it’s about time that I came to start this party!” Yes, dear dollfaces, I’m about to start this party and take part in the most fun, all gal, obstacle mud festival known as Miss Muddy 2016. […]

You Are Gold!

OK, lemme preface this post by saying YES I AM A KLUTZ and I’m well aware that if you’re a self-proclaimed klutz then you shouldn’t be sticking your fingers into sparkly, new gadgets like a spiralizer! Let’s start from the start; I bought a new vegetable spiralizer as […]