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Forever Marilyn!

A few weekends ago, on a positively gorgeous day, the gals and I bundled aboard a trusty V/Line train and headed north for the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The glorious sun was beaming down on us just as if Marilyn herself approved of our girly day […]

Fierce Females: Marilyn Monroe

Breathtaking! Could there have been a more famous blonde bombshell than Marilyn Monroe? A true pop culture icon Ms Norma Jeane was the epitome of sex and managed to fool a lot of people with her “dumb blonde” façade. We’ve all heard about her high profile marriages to […]

Fierce Females: Anjelica Huston

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiierce Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Anjelica Huston! If you’re roughly the same age as me you may fear this Fierce Female after growing up watching her in The Witches, but fear not as this member of Hollywood royalty is nothing short of fabulous! She’s a three-time Academy Award winner and is the third generation […]

Fierce Females: Elizabeth Taylor

Those amazing violet eyes You can’t get much fiercer than a dame, let alone a dame who was Cleopatra! After a 62 year career, eight marriages, two Academy Awards and a jewellery collection worth approximately $150 million nobody can dispute Elizabeth Taylor put the F in FIERCE! Dame […]

Fierce Females: Audrey Hepburn

So chic! There aren’t many actresses who receive an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe award after starring in their first ever movie role but this Sunday’s Fierce Female certainly did just that with her role in Roman Holiday! Audrey Hepburn just oozed feminine chic so effortlessly and it’s her […]

Fierce Females: Grace Kelly

Simply gorgeous!  This fierce female has lead the life most little girls dream of (well, this little girl for one!); being a big time movie star AND princess AND having a handbag named after you! Grace Kelly was nothing short of glamorous and ever so beautiful. A true Hollywood […]