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OOTD: Express Your Style

One thing I was super excited about when I went to the US in July was the shopping, and in particular shopping at Express and Francesca’s as they were the scene of some pretty kerrrrr-azzy spending when I went to Vegas last March. You know that magical moment when […]

OOTD: Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Hump Day peeps! Spring has sprung here in Melbourne. OK, sure it’s like a bipolar version of spring, with some days being ever so glorious you can’t imagine what winter was like at all and then the next minute you’re clutching for your hot water bottle and […]

OOTD: Winter Florals

On colder mornings I’m sure we all milk the snooze button a little longer. The idea of getting out of your warm cocoon is horrible and the more time you can spend under the covers, rather than trying to figure out an outfit to wear, the better. Days […]

OOTD: Little Red Riding Hood

Feels like this week has been brought to you by the colour red It’s well and truly an early winter here in Melbourne. Most mornings it barely breaks 10°C (that’s 50°F) so all my coats will be coming out from storage and worn in high rotation from now […]

New Make-up Bag

I just bought this new make-up bag from BreakuptoMakeup on Etsy and I can’t wait til it arrives! The shop is owned by Angelique and she’s a make-up artist, beauty writer, fashionista and purse lover, so basically a girl after my own heart.  I saw it in the […]

New Arm Candy

Hello my darlings! I wanted to share with you my lovely new arm candy courtesy of Sussan. It was a little above my usual price range – $69.95, but I’ve been on the hunt for a new handbag and I simply had to have it. I like to […]

A Touch of Pink

I’ve been having a love affair with the colour pink for about 10 years now and I’m not sorry about it! I just think there’s something so special about colour pop touches of pink in your wardrobe or make-up. It definitely livens up any outfit. It’s ultra feminine, […]

Lady sings the blues

Just wanted to share the goodies that I got for my half birthday the other day. There was a definite theme to the occasion this year – blue! My gorgeous sis got me these amazing booties, clutch and statement necklace as well as some earrings, how spoilt am […]

Get the Look…

I was trawling through Instyle magazine and this look from Olivia Palermo really caught my eye. I love white and gold together, it looks so fresh and classic. In this outfit Olivia pairs a lace blouse over a silk slip. Unfortunately if I were to wear a slip […]