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Kat Von D Mini Haul

OK, let’s get one thing straight…Kat Von D may be a home wrecker but the way I see it she did a favour forĀ our girl Sandy (#TeamBullock) AND girl knows how to make some seriously fabulous make-up so I ain’t throwing any shade her way! In fact during […]

NYX Wonder Pencil

As a woman there’s nothing I’d like more than to be a wonder woman. I want to be able to get through my day without breaking a sweat. I want to be able to multi-task like a boss, to kick ass and take names. So when I read […]

Face of Australia Concealer

I wasn’t a huge concealer wearer before I’d tried this one from Face of Australia (FoA), but through this damn blog, and reading others of course, I felt like I was missing out on all the action. All the other concealersĀ I’ve tried in the past had creamy consistencies […]

Garnier Pure Active Intensive

While in the Sydney last week the girls in the office were telling me about how fabulous Garnier Pure Active Intensive 2 in 1 anti-spot roll-on was. Never one to pass up on a recommendation I took myself to the nearest Priceline and bought it. Here’s the marketing […]