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OOTD: Neon Dreams

Can we talk about something that has been flooding my Facebook feed? Yesterday (and today depending on where you are in the world) was Back To The Future day. Yep, according to the movie reference Marty McFly flew into the future from 1985 to October 21 2015 – but […]

OOTD: More Issues Than Vogue!

Online shopping gets me every. single. time! You can imagine how many newsletters I’m signed up to being the fashion and beauty slave that I am and all it takes is a little “hey Rosie, we have something you’ll absolutely gag over” kinda intro and I’m hooked. Case […]

OOTD: Ahoy Sailor!

Remember when I talked about shopping your own wardrobe? Well this was the case again this last weekend as I wanted to wear my floral skirt from Forever 21 but couldn’t find a top I wanted to pair it with. I pulled out so many t-shirts and tanks that […]

OOTD: Neon Pink + Stripes

Whenever I wear this blouse I instantly smile. It’s so bright and pink you can’t help but notice me when I walk into a room! It’s light and silky and super summery. Absolutely perfect for this beautiful weather we’ve been having lately. You may think that the colour […]