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Dollface, I know I keep jabbering on about how quickly the year is passing but September is almost fucking over! How in the name of Huey Lewis did that happen? I’m still sitting here in a stupor absolutely gob smacked that I’m already locking events in for 2017! […]

Sunday Morning Inspo

Happy Sunday folks and happy half birthday to me! 🙂 Let this Sunday be a reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things in life! Wear your good jewellery out to brunch and eat dinner off your expensive china, don’t save it all for a “special occasion” […]

Lady sings the blues

Just wanted to share the goodies that I got for my half birthday the other day. There was a definite theme to the occasion this year – blue! My gorgeous sis got me these amazing booties, clutch and statement necklace as well as some earrings, how spoilt am […]

Half Birthday

Today is my half birthday. What’s that you may ask? Well it’s exactly six months since my last birthday and six months til my next one. So happy 33 and 1/2 to me! The concept of a half birthday may be weird to some, and I can understand […]