Tag: H&M

OOTD: Glimmers Of Gold

It’s a down right royal shame when you own a gold skirt and just NEVER wear it. This is one of those items in my wardrobe which I just can’t part with because 1) it’s a second hand Thurley skirt and would cost more than I’m willing to […]

OOTD: Team Rockets!

I don’t know about you, dollface, but I’m not a huge sports lover. Sure, sure I love to PLAY and participate in sports, but to watch them is a different story. OK, if you twist my arm I don’t mind having to watching hunky, muscular men wrestle for a […]

OOTD: Birds of a Feather

  February is here and it’s going to be a HUUUUUUUGE month for funsies! My calendar is jam packed with concerts, dinners, fun runs and catch-ups and I can hear my wallet screaming for me to calm the fuck down. There really is only one solution for it and […]

OOTD: Tutu Fabulous!

It seems like a thousand years ago now but back in 2013 I posted (badly!) about how much I wanted to buy a tutu and whether or not I could get away with wearing one. I definitely blame the likes of SJP in the opening credits of Sex and […]

OOTD: Happiness & Freedom

When the world is crazy and all kinds of fucked up (just watching/hearing the news of late makes me super anxious and sad) I try to take comfort in the simple things in life; the weather is slowly starting to warm up, blossoms are blooming everywhere and a breezy, layered chevron […]