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Fragrance Infused Jewellery

 *This necklace was gifted by tittup – all opinions are always 100% my own.* If it sparkles, glitters or even glistens I want to wear it! Gold, silver or rose gold I just love them all and I’m especially a sucker for dainty pieces of jewellery that are unique and can tell a […]

OOTD: All Choked Up!

What’s that saying? If you wore the trend the first time around you can’t wear it the second? Well, seeing as I was a teen in the 90s with zero to no fashion sense surely I can give the choker another go? When I heard that chokers were […]

My Jewellery Shop Online

Let’s get one thing straight – I love bling! If it’s shiny/colourful/bold/lights up and shoots fireworks I WANNA WEAR IT and if there’s a hint of tassel I’ve probably died and am hanging out with Liberace! GIVE ME TASSELS! One of the highlights of being involved with Girls’ Day Out […]

SK Design Jewellery

We all know I love to travel! I’ve shared with you all my journals from my trips to Europe and the U.S and my little jaunts interstate. I also adore jewellery (which girl doesn’t?!) and love the way it can dress up and old outfit. So when the girls from […]

Ear Cuffs Are The New Black

Emma Stone looking stunning at the SAG Awards One thing I noticed this award season, aside from being thoroughly underwhelmed by the gowns this year (am I right?), is the amount of ear cuff bling that’s been seen. They really have become the accessory du jour and everyone […]

OOTD: But, Why Not?

Before I went away on my trip I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous “Alia” statement necklace from Taupe & Pearl courtesy of Danielle and her fabulous blog Frontiére Girl. It was waiting for me on my desk when I got back to work and I was so […]

All that glitters…

  Ooooooh gold! How I wish I had the splash cash to buy all the pretty, glittery things. For the longest time, back when I was wearing golf pants and sporting a cropped red ‘do (let’s call that the Bad Times) I never would have imagined that I […]

Handy titbits…

I don’t pretend to be an organisational guru. Looking at pics on Pinterest can overwhelm me at times and make me feel like a domestic goon instead of a domestic goddess. Where do people get so good at doing these things? Look at this pic of someone organising […]