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OOTD: Jungle Vibes

Ever heard the expression “the city is a concrete jungle”? Most Some days I could quite happily stay at home and never venture out and interact with people. People are just plain mean or stupid (maybe I’m the mean one) and hurt my brain! I may come across […]

OOTD: It’ll Be All White

Remember a few weeks back when I put together my all black ensemble because I wanted to fit into the Melbourne scene? All those trendy Melburnians looking like rock stars dressed in head to toe black, while I look like I’m in mourning? Well that got me thinking, […]

OOTD: Walk the Line

See, being on a shopping ban is a good thing (yes I’m trying to console myself, it’s so hard for a shopaholic like me dammit!). I’m forced to shop my wardrobe and look what I’ve found, another dress I’d completely forgotten about! Funny story about this photo shoot […]