Tag: Leopard Print

OOTD: Leopard Love

 A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month…NO RETURNS! Happy first day of summer to all my southern hemisphere babes, and to my dollfaces up north here’s hoping for a short winter – unless you like that type of thing, then you go Glen […]

OOTD: Kimono Remix

I cannot believe it’s been two years since I first featured this fabulous leopard print kimono in an OOTD, and what’s worse, it’s probably been just as long since I’ve worn it! I know, I know, I have way too many pieces in my repertoire if I can easily forget […]

OOTD: Blooming Leopard

**This post has been sponsored by Blooming Leopard – all opinions are 100% my own** If you’re new to A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe or if you just haven’t ever read my side bar (over there —>) then you need to know that I absolutely, 100% percent […]

OOTD: Camel Clad

Last year I made a big song and dance about rotating the coats in my wardrobe and making sure I wear them all more often rather than sticking to the same one all winter long. I paid homage to Red Riding Hood, channelled the Beatles and tipped my […]

OOTD: Chambray Shanté!

I know that I’ve officially become a shopaholic because Dad has started to comment on my shopping habits! He’s never made mention of my ridiculous spending escapades before, as I’ve been a self-made woman for quite some time now (HA!) but I believe his actual quote was “didn’t you […]

OOTD: Think Pink

  I love bright and sunny days in winter. There’s something magical about a cool, crisp day filled with warm sunshine. Not to mention the fact that I can get away with not wearing stockings – #winning! We had a glorious weekend over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend so we […]

OOTD: Vintage Coat

How fabulous is this vintage coat?! I’ve been banging on about wanting to wear all my winter coats instead of always sticking to the one each year and remembered I have this baby stashed away. This amazing coat was my mum’s from the 70s and I stole it […]