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Laque Lift Review

 ***This post has been sponsored by Laque Lift– all opinions are 100% my own*** Is there anything more satisfying than picking off your shellac when it starts to lift at the edges? Oh so satisfying, but so terrible for your nails. Something I’ve learnt time and time again when I’ve […]

Rock Beauty Nail Wraps

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why didn’t I listen to my mum’s sound advice of never picking up items from a clearance bin? Maybe because she’s never uttered those words as she loves a good bargain about as much as I do! Damn it, I had such high hopes for these nail stickers […]

Nailing It!

How adorable are these miniature OPI lacquers?! I am a sucker for anything in miniature form; ponies, fun-sized Mars bars, Gary Coleman, you get the drift! Aaaaaaaaaanway, I snapped up this cute 4-pack of OPI – The Brazil Collection from Ulta (in Augusta) for $12.95! They’re a perfect […]

Nails! Nails! Nails!

Ever since I proudly exclaimed that I was going to start painting my nails again I’ve been going to town with my nails! Sure I’m still a bit of a nuffy when it comes to getting them just right every time, but I really don’t care. I’m having too much […]

Livin’ a Teal-age Dream

Now that I’m a nail painting expert *ahem!* I thought it’d be fun to match my nails to my eyelashes, as you do of course. I have the lovely Mayelline Great Lash in the limited edition Teal from the gorgeous Etta, from out last beauty box swap and […]