Tag: Purple

I’m So Too Faced

Yesterday I woke up to this message from a friend on Facebook: Are you watching the new Project Runway? According to the Mary Kay rep “berry is the new red”. What do you think? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Grrrrrrl! All I can say to that is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Berries and […]

Revlon Whimsical + Wild Orchid

Ugh, have you seen that new ad with Emma Stone running around with a bunch of balloons and looking chic and absolutely gorgeous wearing Revlon Lacquer Balm? Lemme remind you… Well of course I thought if I were to get some Revlon lippy I would magically transform into […]

OOTD: Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Hump Day peeps! Spring has sprung here in Melbourne. OK, sure it’s like a bipolar version of spring, with some days being ever so glorious you can’t imagine what winter was like at all and then the next minute you’re clutching for your hot water bottle and […]

OOTD: Winter Florals

On colder mornings I’m sure we all milk the snooze button a little longer. The idea of getting out of your warm cocoon is horrible and the more time you can spend under the covers, rather than trying to figure out an outfit to wear, the better. Days […]