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OOTD: Bohemian Like You!

Two things I worried about most when I went pink was whether I had to give up wearing bright colours because they’d clash and if I’d be able to wear pink lipstick – IMPORTANT stuff people!! For the first few days I stuck to wearing black and eased […]

OOTD: Heavenly Hibiscus

How is the first month of the year already drawing to a close? I always feel like January is the “warm-up” month where you don’t really take things too seriously. Usually I’ve had a break over Christmas and then I get back to work and before you know it […]

OOTD: Relax, Take It Easy!

Aaaaaaaaaaah!! Can you hear that dollface? That’s the sound of my ass hitting the couch as I begin my two week Christmas holidays. That’s right peeps, I’m on vacay…or more correctly staycay as I’ll be staying around town and keeping a low profile. Although in saying that I’ve […]

OOTD: Summer Sunset

Summer is slowly but surely winding down here in Melbourne. Mornings are getting darker and a little nippy and the meteorologists have predicted that the heat waves have well and truly passed for another year. I can’t believe another summer has come and gone! I’m trying not to […]

OOTD: Glam Metal

  On the weekend I went to see Steel Panther (judge me all you will!) and I had the best t-shirt to wear to the gig which I picked up a few weeks ago from Kmart (for the grand sum of $12) which I knew would be perfect. […]

OOTD; Navy & Lemon

I saw this necklace from Lovisa and to quote my doppelgänger in Jerry Maguire it “had me at hello!” I absolutely had to have it! The vibrant lemon instantly spoke to me and it said “take me home mama” in a weird Honey Boo Boo voice. I know, […]

OOTD: Floral Blazer

Hello my darlings in the blog world! I wanted to share with you my latest budget buy; the floral blazer. I’ve been on the search for one for the last couple of months and they’ve all been super expensive for my blood or simply way to shabby to […]