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Fierce Females: Björk

 Serving Icelandic realness! I’m not really sure why but I’m kinda drawn to kooky characters. You know those people that are a little left of centre and have an air of “no fucks given” about them? The ones that are brave and really excel at what they love. […]

Fierce Females: Edie Sedgwick

Troubled soul I ummmed and aaahed about putting Edie in my Fierce Females series but in the end I had to include her as she’s definitely one woman whose look I admired a lot when I was going through my Warhol phase as a teenager. Edie Sedgwick was an heiress, […]

Fierce Females: Lucille Ball

The iconic red head! Growing up there was always lots of laughter at home. My family absolutely adored comedies and still do. We’d all huddle together and watch classic movie and TV comedies featuring the likes of Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis and of course the iconic red-head […]

Fierce Females: Cher

Looking oh so fabulous! I can remember the exact time and place when I heard “Turn Back Time”. It was 1989 and I’d just returned home after being away in Europe with my parents for three months. On the way home from the airport sitting in the back of […]

Fierce Females: Lisa Tamati

My running inspo Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t have any grand illusions of being an elite athlete. I barely run these days, but when I do I love kind of enjoy it. What I do love is reading about amazing ultra-marathon runners who are without a doubt […]

Fierce Females: Drew Barrymore

Image I love a good old fashioned “child star gone bad, dated a Corey, made some shitty movies but then triumphed and is now a Fierce Female” story and Drew Barrymore is the epitome of bad girl turned good. Everyone remembers Drew as the lovable Gertie in E.T. […]

Fierce Females: Grace Coddington

Image All hail Grace, the queen of style and fashion AND the first ginger to make to the Fierce Females list! The first, but definitely not the last 😛 Grace Coddington is the super stylish and imaginative creative director at American Vogue and she’s the talented lady that’s behind all […]