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Fierce Females: Gwen Stefani

If there’s one woman who could be the President of the Red Lipstick Club (hey, it’s a thing!) it’d have to be Ms Stefani! Gwen is definitely fierce, F-I-E-R-C-E! Ever since I first laid eyes on her in the “Just A Girl” video when I was an impressionable […]

Fierce Females: Madonna

Don’t you dare utter a bad word about Madonna, this woman practically raised me! Now when I say raised I don’t mean she actually fed and clothed me because my parents would pitch a fit if they’d heard me say that, I mean she raised me musically, emotionally, HELL, spiritually […]

Fierce Females: Oprah Winfrey

I know there are mixed feelings about her, but I don’t care what you say I love Oprah Winfrey! Her joie de vivre for life is infectious and always leaves me uplifted. She makes me search for my own “a-ha” moments in every day life. Ms Winfrey is FIERCE with […]