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Fierce Females: Anjelica Huston

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiierce Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Anjelica Huston! If you’re roughly the same age as me you may fear this Fierce Female after growing up watching her in The Witches, but fear not as this member of Hollywood royalty is nothing short of fabulous! She’s a three-time Academy Award winner and is the third generation […]

Fierce Females: Ann & Nancy Wilson

oooooooh barracuda! If you’re familiar with the 80s rock power ballad then you’ll know this week’s Fierce Female(s) are the queens! With hits like “These Dreams” and “What About Love” these rockin’ sisters cemented their place as rock royalty. With a career spanning over four decades they are the […]

Fierce Females: Elizabeth Taylor

Those amazing violet eyes You can’t get much fiercer than a dame, let alone a dame who was Cleopatra! After a 62 year career, eight marriages, two Academy Awards and a jewellery collection worth approximately $150 million nobody can dispute Elizabeth Taylor put the F in FIERCE! Dame […]