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Fierce Females: Coco Chanel

CHIC! I know this Sunday’s Fierce Female doesn’t need an introduction but y’all should be bowing down to this French goddess as Ms Gabrielle Bonhuer Chanel (that’s Coco to you and me) is credited as banishing the corset from every day women’s wear and bringing in the casual, relaxed […]

Fierce Females: Audrey Hepburn

So chic! There aren’t many actresses who receive an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe award after starring in their first ever movie role but this Sunday’s Fierce Female certainly did just that with her role in Roman Holiday! Audrey Hepburn just oozed feminine chic so effortlessly and it’s her […]

Fierce Females: Frida Khalo

This necklace is giving me life! All hail the queen of colour and the chicest mono-brow EVER, Frida Khalo! Frida lead a very troubled life starting with contracting polio at the age of 6 and then she was a passenger in a serious bus accident at 18, which left […]

Fierce Females: Pat Benatar

So much yes for this look right here! Without this Sunday’s Fierce Female, karaoke as we know it would never be the same! How else would angst ridden girls be able to vent their frustrations without a little bit of “Love Is a Battlefield“?? Pat Benatar was (still […]

Fierce Females: Joan Rivers

Funny lady! If there’s one woman that deserves the title of “Fierce Female” it’s the late, great Joan Rivers! She truly was a pioneer for female comics everywhere and changed the way we view fashion on the red carpet. Joan was a comedian, actress, writer, producer, and television host and was […]

Fierce Females: Grace Kelly

Simply gorgeous!  This fierce female has lead the life most little girls dream of (well, this little girl for one!); being a big time movie star AND princess AND having a handbag named after you! Grace Kelly was nothing short of glamorous and ever so beautiful. A true Hollywood […]