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Fierce Females: Chrissy Amphlett

Australian rock royalty! With that unmistakable pout, the too-long fringe and schoolgirl uniforms she wore on stage, Chrissy Amphlett was the epitome of fierce and just oozed attitude as the lead singer of Divinyls. Her powerful vocals and stage presence helped pave the way for strong and outspoken women […]

Fierce Females: Pat Benatar

So much yes for this look right here! Without this Sunday’s Fierce Female, karaoke as we know it would never be the same! How else would angst ridden girls be able to vent their frustrations without a little bit of “Love Is a Battlefield“?? Pat Benatar was (still […]

Fierce Females: Josephine Baker

The fabulous Josephine Baker! Not only was this fierce female one of the first near-nude exotic dancers of her time, she was also a bad-ass secret spy during World War II, carrying information for transmission to England, about the Germans, written in invisible ink on her sheet music – I mean what […]

Fierce Females: Dannii Minogue

Ms. Dannii! I have mentioned my love for my childhood hero, Ms. Minogue (the best Minogue*ahem*), on more than one occasion. Dannii was the coolest girl I “knew” who got to sing and dance on TV – talk about a dream come true! Each Sunday night I’d fight with my […]

Fierce Females: Björk

 Serving Icelandic realness! I’m not really sure why but I’m kinda drawn to kooky characters. You know those people that are a little left of centre and have an air of “no fucks given” about them? The ones that are brave and really excel at what they love. […]