Tag: Stripes

OOTD: Red Stripes

You have no idea how happy I am to tell you that I’ve finally found the one! I’ve been on the search for what feels like ages now and I can’t believe I found it when I wasn’t even looking (isn’t that always the way?!). Yes, dollface, I’m happy to […]

Who’s Your Stripe Icon?

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I haven’t met a stripe I haven’t liked loved! Going through my wardrobe you’d think I have some sort of addiction to them. All the fashionistas are declaring (northern hemisphere) S/S15 to be the season of the Stripe! […]

OOTD: Relax, Take It Easy!

Aaaaaaaaaaah!! Can you hear that dollface? That’s the sound of my ass hitting the couch as I begin my two week Christmas holidays. That’s right peeps, I’m on vacay…or more correctly staycay as I’ll be staying around town and keeping a low profile. Although in saying that I’ve […]

OOTD; Paris Is Burning

Last month I promised myself that I’d be circulating all my winter coats more often as I tend to stick to the flavour of the month, and sure enough I stuck solid with my red coat. I really am a creature of habit! Today I vowed I’d make […]

OOTD: Walk the Line

See, being on a shopping ban is a good thing (yes I’m trying to console myself, it’s so hard for a shopaholic like me dammit!). I’m forced to shop my wardrobe and look what I’ve found, another dress I’d completely forgotten about! Funny story about this photo shoot […]

OOTD: Neon Pink + Stripes

Whenever I wear this blouse I instantly smile. It’s so bright and pink you can’t help but notice me when I walk into a room! It’s light and silky and super summery. Absolutely perfect for this beautiful weather we’ve been having lately. You may think that the colour […]