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OOTD: More Issues Than Vogue!

Online shopping gets me every. single. time! You can imagine how many newsletters I’m signed up to being the fashion and beauty slave that I am and all it takes is a little “hey Rosie, we have something you’ll absolutely gag over” kinda intro and I’m hooked. Case […]

OOTD: Glam Metal

¬† On the weekend I went to see Steel Panther (judge me all you will!) and I had the best t-shirt to wear to the gig which I picked up a few weeks ago from Kmart (for the grand sum of $12) which I knew would be perfect. […]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Online sales are going absolutely crazy at the moment due to Black Friday and of course I have been sucked into the vortex of them! I can never seem to go past an email that says EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN CHEAP! I think bargain shopping is in my […]

OOTD: We Fade to Grey

The whole time I was taking snaps for this post I couldn’t get this song out of my head, so it’s only fitting that I pop it in as the title! I wanted to share with you another fab find from Kmart recently, this sequinned t-shirt, which was […]