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Viva Las Vegas!

Just a quick post today, my lovely dollfaces, to let you know that I’m off to Vegas! Hopefully, as this post goes live, I’ll be somewhere over Queensland on my way to Sin City. It’s my 3rd time in three years (and my 4th time all together) so to […]

Jordana Cosmetics Mascara Review

QUICK! You find a magic lamp with a fabulously hunky, Matthew McConaughey-esque genie inside (hey, it’s my fantasy just go with it!) and he grants you three wishes…but there’s a catch. He can only grant you a lifetime supply of beauty products (damn, there goes that Johnny Depp/Matthew McConaughey-esque […]

Rockin’ In The USA: Las Vegas

Hello my darlings! We’re almost at the end of my travel posts and it’s making me super sad to wrap this little adventure up. I hope you’ve been enjoying our amazing #AmericanLifeInTheSummertime fun through the U.S. Last week I finished off in NYC where we bid farewell to Karen […]

Rockin’ In The USA: New Orleans

Hey hey, happy Monday my darling peeps! Thought I’d bring you the next instalment of my travel journal; part four – New Orleans. Shiiiieeet, talk about eating, drinking and intense belly laughs! Hope you enjoy it 🙂 DAY ELEVEN: After almost missing our plane in Augusta *ahem* Tez, Karen […]

Rockin’ In The USA: Seattle

Welcome back to my U.S. travel journal, hope you enjoyed part one in San Francisco. Today we’re off to Seattle… DAY FOUR: We arrived into Seattle by late afternoon and made it to our hotel, we were staying right by the Space Needle which was super handy. Once […]