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OOTD: More Issues Than Vogue!

Online shopping gets me every. single. time! You can imagine how many newsletters I’m signed up to being the fashion and beauty slave that I am and all it takes is a little “hey Rosie, we have something you’ll absolutely gag over” kinda intro and I’m hooked. Case […]

Fierce Females: Grace Coddington

Image All hail Grace, the queen of style and fashion AND the first ginger to make to the Fierce Females list! The first, but definitely not the last 😛 Grace Coddington is the super stylish and imaginative creative director at American Vogue and she’s the talented lady that’s behind all […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Last month I was a little naughty and bought some new books online. Technically I’m on a shopping ban, but books don’t count right? Feeding my brain is like feeding my tummy; it’s a must. Plus, I bought them second hand from Brotherhood Books, so I’m helping the […]