Tag: Weather

Sunday Morning Inspo

I have a stupid head cold and the weather has turned again here in Melbourne. So this Sunday I’m dreaming of a desert island hideaway just like this. Wouldn’t it be lovely lying on that hammock with a a great book and a drink with an umbrella in […]

Sassy Sandals

If Melbourne had a gender it’d be a woman…with PMS! One minute the spring weather is looking rather promising, the sun is shining and everything feels glorious. I start to buckle on my new sandals and then a storm rolls in and the wind is howling around the […]

Preparing for picnic season…

The weather is really all over the place at the moment here in Melbourne. One minute it’s sunny and gorgeous, and the next it’s raining and so dangerously windy that my skirts keep getting blown up – not fun at all! In spite of all the unstable weather […]