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Maybelline Color Tattoo: Tenacious Teal


20140119-135435.jpg Adding some colour pop to a Saturday night out.


20140119-135627.jpg This has got to be my new favourite colour in the Maybelline Color Tatto range. It’s highly pigmented and super dramatic. I played it cool by adding a nude lip but I can’t wait to team it with a red lip and really push the envelope!



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  1. I have been wondering what these Maybelline Gel Tat Liners were like. I love how you thickened the line & made it shadow like.
    The color is one of my faves too! Was it hard to apply? I am an liquid liner KLUTZ!
    I believe a red lip or bold lip would go FABULOUS with it!
    (new bloglovin follower/liked on fb/etc.etc.)

    • Hey Bella, yes it’s a little hard to use in terms of building up consistent colour. I’ve tried blending them with other eyeshadows and that just doesn’t work, so I’ve learnt to just use them on their own. I love a liquid liner and I find the gels a little easier to use. Practice, practice, practice is my advice πŸ™‚ xo Thanks for stopping by

    • Thanks so much. To be honest I find sometimes I need to boldness as I have hooded lids and the subtle colours just don’t show through. Be daring and try it out this weekend 😘😘

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