Hair Braiding 101


So we all know how my last attempt at braids ended! I was utterly devastated that I couldn’t master the art of the fishtail braid so I scoured the internet to find out how I could be the sage of bad-ass braids and eureka! I found it. I happened to find an evening class run by Theresa Winters, whose classes at Laneway Learning sell out within minutes! *sound the trumpets* I booked myself in and brought along my trusty sidekick and bestie, Tez, for the ride.

Within the hour and 15 minute class our small group of 10 went through the basics of how to do a general braid/plait, then into French and Dutch Braids, Fishtails and Waterfalls. It was like being a little kid again getting to play with each others hair and experimenting with all the different varieties. It was such a fabulous and intimate class and we all had a lot of one-on-one time with Theresa as she guided us through each style. And guess what guys? I think I cracked the fishtail!

waterfall + fishtail braids

Here’s my attempts at Waterfall + Fishtail braids on my fab model, Tez. I was pretty happy with the outcomes at my first attempts and it was so much easier to braid on her longer hair. I finally figured out where I was going wrong with the fishtail, something that I couldn’t grasp just watching YouTube tutorials. Thanks Theresa!

I also managed to fudge together an upside down braid on my own hair, which again, as a first attempt I was happy with. This means I can start to wear high ponytails again without the pain of all those bobby pins!

upside down braid

Theresa’s class was so much fun and I’d encourage all my Melburnian sisters to go an attend one if you get a chance, but if you can’t here are some tutorials for all you guys playing at home!

French Braid 

Fishtail Braid

As I’m writing this I’ve noticed that it’s actually my 300th post! Can you believe that?! How time flies. Thanks for reading everyone, here’s to another 300 🙂


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  1. Wooo hooo to both learning how to master braiding skills AND writing your 300th post!!!! ❤ You're amazing, girl!! =) I love the waterfall braid, too! I bet that was such a fun and helpful class. I'll have to check if they have anything like that here in Tampa b/c I would love to go to one!

    Oh, and I love your first picture of yourself!! hehee

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