30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 8: Forgotten Item

day 8_old item

Day 8: Break out an item you haven’t worn in at least six months – 

After almost two years of writing this blog and sharing my wardrobe with you all I’d imagine that you’re aware that I don’t own a “capsule wardrobe” and quite possibly have way too many items in my closet (if that’s even possible!) So of course from time to time I have a few forgotten items squeezed hanging in there, this dress being case in point.

I’d bought this dress from Target last year to wear to my birthday drinks and then it got lost in the myriad of dresses only to resurface a couple of weeks ago when I pulled it out and could’ve slapped myself for not wearing it for more than a year! Can you believe that shit?! Never fear, it’s now back in high rotation….

day 8_old item2

day 8_old item3

Dress: Target Textured Pink Panel Cardigan: Big W (similar hereBoots & BeltKmart 

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  1. This is such a cute dress! I’ve never had a capsule closet either I’m way to versatile and need to change up wayyyy to much haha! I never wear an outfit the same way lol! I often forget to wear certain things so its like buying something new when you find something you havent worn for so long! Love this look and I’m loving reading your 30 day wardrobe challenge!! Keep up the great work!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Thanks Jasmine! 🙂
      I couldn’t imagine only having a handful of clothes to choose from each day. I mean, what if your mood is completely wacky, what do you wear?! LOL! 🙂 xo

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