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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

giphy (3)Ugh, small confession to make dollface: I’m kinda burnt out with this blogging caper. I’m not talking about doing anything drastic like quitting (who else would I share my outfits with?) but lately every time I open up the laptop to blog I feel like this little girl! I’ll do it, but I DON’T WANNA!

While I have a ton of beauty reviews and outfit ideas in my schedule (yep, you know I’m a dork and have a spread sheet for this sort of thing, its even colour coded!) I just don’t have the mojo in me to write about them today. It’s dreary and raining and what we call a “Wet Day Program” in our house – remember those days at primary school? No playing outside so you had to settle for watching Wizard of Oz cross legged on the library floor while the dusty old VHS was wheeled out? Am I showing my age?

Yet, here’s the thing, I still wanted to write something, WTF?! I don’t know how to explain it to non-bloggers out there but writing a blog is uber addictive. When I’m not blogging I’m thinking about blogging and whether anything I ever do, buy, eat could be blogged about. It can be quite exhausting as you can imagine but at the same time a good motivator to get your ass in gear and stop you from face planting the couch and not moving until 2017.

So I wanted to share one of those lists I keep seeing floating about the blogosphere –  a list of a few of my current favourite things. You know, things like food, books, TV – the kinds of things that make me excited in my special place (my brain people, get your mind outta the gutter!) and gets my motor running. OK, enough verbal written diarrhoea, here are a few of my favourite things….



  1. I can not get enough of The Affair – are you guys watching this? OMG, there’s just something about an unreliable narrator that I love so much. Such salaciousness it drives me wild and let’s not forget Dominic West and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek mmmmmmmm ’nuff said!
  2. So much love for my mate Phil Collen’s new book Adrenalized; Life, Def Leppard and Beyond. Obviously I’m going to try to get him to sign it for me at my upcoming meet and greet (fingers and toes crossed!)
  3. Wanna know a recipe for THE easiest and most tasty dessert ever?! Chuck 2 cups of frozen berries with one cup of Greek yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup in a food processor and you have a mixed berry fro-yo!! Thank me later…I’m serious.

qv_rescue gel

4.     I ran out of QV Rescue Gel a few weeks ago and I thought I’d be fine without it and started using an old moisturiser – nope! Wouldn’t cut it. My skin started to break out again and my red, dry patches were irritated to all hell. I finally stopped by Chemist Warehouse and picked up a bottle and I feel like I’m back in good hands. This really is an amazing product!

5.     A month later and I still love love love my bracelet from My Jewellery Shop Online – I wear it every day and think it’s so pretty. It goes with everything and gives me a kick when I think it’s named Rosie – it’s the little things people!

my jewellery shop online4

What’s going on in your world? What are you gagging over at the moment?

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  1. Hahahaha! I’ve been that way for at least two weeks now. I still don’t think I’ve broken through yet because every time I sit up, I think I want to blog but my brain won’t let me! And nobody understands that when us bloggers don’t blog at all, we’re constantly thinking about it! Lol

  2. But I would miss you happy energy 🙂
    I do like that bracelet. Do they do one with a raven/bird charm instead of a penny? I just have a thing for birds at the moment. 🙂

  3. haha I have those days too with blogging – and I just have the same format every post, so it’s not exactly difficult…I’ve gotten a good backlog of posts scheduled now so when I’m not feeling the urge to sit at a computer and type I don’t! 🙂

  4. Nooooo don’t leave us haha! Oh dollface I totally understand the struggle. You know I was always envious of your epic spreadsheet and advanced scheduling. I need to do that too. Take a well-deserved break. Ooh and I love the idea of “my favourite things” so much! ♥♥♥

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