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Lately… January

Sweet baby cheeses, how are we at the end of January already?! Has this month just flown or is it just me? It seems that I’m constantly bitching about how time just flies by and I need to stop and appreciate all the things that are going on in my life. Gratitude is key, right? So I wanted to start a new monthly series where I reflect back over the month and highlight what’s been happening. You know, things like; the books I’ve read, pics I’ve taken out and about, TV shows I’m loving, fun shit I’ve been up to, any travelling I’ve done, sharing other bloggers posts I’ve enjoyed reading etc. I’ve seen these posts all around the blogosphere and I just love getting a glimpse into someone’s life.

Without further ado I introduce to you Lately…

So far January has been a great month for me with getting back into reading. I had a little slump there where everything I picked up seemed to bore the shit out of me but now I’ve picked up momentum and I’ve managed to finish  three books and half way through a fourth;

Bazaar of Broken Dreams, Stephen King

The Luckiest Girl Alive, Jessica Knoll

Joyland, Stephen King

The Feast of Love, Charles Baxter (still reading)

drinks_january lately

Quite clearly I needed a big fat drink this month! After a quasi-break up earlier in the month I needed to drown my sorrows… not really! I just like a drink.

aus open_january lately

I went to the Australian Open last weekend to see Diesel (stay tuned, he’s definitely making an appearance on Sunday Sessions!) where this fabulous idiot in the sombrero managed to ruin my shot! HA!

kids_january lately

I also managed to hang out with some of my favourite little people. My niece, Mia, is a diva in training. Take after her aunty much? And I love seeing my godson, Alex, and his sister, Gracie, rocking out in the dress up costumes I got them for Christmas – such cuties!

I also took a trip to Sydney which I told you all about in this post. It reminds me that I need to book in my weekend trips away, even if it’s a road trip somewhere close by. I have one locked in for February already which I’m excited about. It’s a weekend away to my old University stomping ground, and you’ll hear all about in Lately… February.

I haven’t found a new TV series to indulge in this month. My attention span is just terrible and I find myself zoning out after 15 minutes so I really need something fast paced and exciting. Any suggestion?

mixed collage_january lately

Earlier in the month I donated blood and was chuffed to discover it was my 25th donation! Woohoo! Are you a blood donor? Get onto it, it’s such a small contribution that makes a huge difference. As you can see I was also super excited when Kyle Cook from Matchbox 20 (yup, another Sunday Sessions entry) liked a couple of my photos on Instagram!! ARGH!!

I also love to devour other blogs, especially foodie blogs! For some reason I love to torture myself looking at all the amazingly yummy food that’s out there, and it’s usually stuff I’m trying to avoid. Especially at the moment while I’m trying to shift some of the Christmas chunk I’ve managed to procure. Here’s some fab links you may also enjoy…

Delicious and healthy recipes for the peanut butter junkies out there – my homies!

Looking for a job in a creative field? Here’s some fab tips on zhuzhing up your resume.

I’m always dreaming about travelling back to NYC and on my next trip I’d love to try out these unusual restaurants

Ever exclaimed “I’ve got nothing to wear!”? This great post will help you become the Editor in Chief of your own wardrobe

Mmmmmmmm someone want to whip up a batch of this Salted Chocolate Mayan Pot??


How was your January dollface? What did you get up to? Any fabulous new finds you’d like to share with me?

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  1. Holidays are the best for catching up on books. I have read an absolute shitload this past month and a bit. Great post.

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