OOTD: Ethereal Princess

Oh dollface, I know you understand the heartache of a break up! When that special someone in your life is no longer there to see you in all your intimate glory, to give you sage advice and share in the fun of some fabulous gossip… Isn’t it just awful when one of your trusted beauticians moves or closes down?! It’s worse than a break up quite frankly!

My fabulous tanning lady, Jo from Glow Station, shut shop here in Melbourne months ago and I’ve been so reluctant finding somewhere new to try out. But desperate times call for desperate measures and when the girls and I had tickets to Hawthorn FC’s Best & Fairest awards this past weekend I desperately needed some faux tan action!

Of course it all started when I just HAD to have this dress after falling down an Instagram rabbit hole and started stalking the Runway Scout website. Their clothes are just so damn pretty and I couldn’t resist this little number. It reminds me of something dreamlike and ultra feminine.

Once I had the soft blush frock (and matching earrings *ahem*) I realised that after a cruel and harsh winter I was left with legs that were a lighter shade of pale! Usually I’m not too fussed by my paleness but I felt that I wouldn’t have done the dress any justice if it just blended in with my pasty legs.

I wouldn’t say I was completely happy with the tan as it took FOREVER to apply and dry! AND THE SMELL!! *dry heaves* I’m so used to Jo’s little spray booths (think of Ross in that episode of Friends) that I’ve really been spoilt. Now I don’t know who to turn to.

I figure in this instance it was worth it as I really felt like an ethereal princess.

Does finding a new beautician leave you in a panic? How do you pick a new hairdresser/waxer/nail technician?

Dress + Earrings: Runway Scout // Shoes: Target // Clutch: Sportsgirl

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  1. I am living for this outfit, head to toe. How fun going to the Hawthorn B & F too! I used to see Shane Crawford and Trent Croad a bit on St Kilda Rd near where I worked when I lived in Melbs . . . *thrills*. And yes, I hate it when any service provider breaks up with me . . . my physio RUDELY left me with his girlfriend to move to Queensland. Selfish.

    • Beth were we separated at birth?! Where on St Kilda Road did you work?? I would feel the same way if my chiro left me… I would hunt that MF down HAHAHA!!
      Thanks Beth xo

      • Haha I KNOW!! I actually worked at 5 Queens Road (it was still called the Jetset building then and had a big metal ball hanging off the front and a round water feature in the courtyard) but it was close enough to St Kilda Road for lunch / trams / hangs. I did temp at Beca Symons and PB Power on St Kilda Road though, somewhere around the 400s.

  2. Jan 1999 to May 2002. Which I always kind of think wasn’t that long ago but IT TOTALLY WAS. I went to Melbs for work a few years ago and ironically had to meet in the building’s cafe downstairs (where I had my 21st) and it looked EXACTLY THE SAME.

  3. Oh gosh – my sympathy for your break up! I usually stalk someone for weeks on social media to check the quality of their work and their ability to communicate well with their customers. I also rely a lot on word of mouth of trusted peeps in my life! Good luck xx

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