Lately… October

When you’re counting the days by the frocks that you wear you can bet sweet baby Huey that the month simply melts away, and what a month October has been!

The month began with the ladies and I getting all dolled up for the annual Hawthorn Best & Fairest awards at the Crown Palladium. It was a fun night out but a fairly tame one by our usual standards. Perhaps we’re finally maturing? Highly unlikely!

I’ve also managed to find a new addiction… Coke + Coffee. Have you guys tried this yet? OK, I’m not a major fan of soft drinks but this is a winner. It has a weird caramel-y after taste that has me wanting more. Alas it is only allowed when I’m in training as I can see myself getting way too hooked on it.

The things you see in Melbourne laneways!

This month I also ran my second half marathon for the year (so technically I’ve ran a marathon right?!) and boy was it tough. I’m glad that I have my Sunday morning sleep-ins back but at the same time I kinda miss all that running, I know it’s crazy, but I’ve been bitten by the bug. That’s it for the big runs this year. Next up is a 10km and then I’ll have to start thinking about what I want to try next year. So far I’m being coaxed into competing in either Spartan or a triathlon, both of which fills me with fear!

As a little treat after the run my sister and I took ourselves off to get pampered at a gorgeous little spa in the city. A half hour foot massage (glorious) followed by an hour long shiatsu massage (heavenly) finished off with an hour facial was simply magnificent. If you’re going to beat your body up by running loads of kilometres in training then you really do need to look after it with regular massage and physio/chiro, otherwise things are going to break down.

I went to see two concerts at the end of the month bringing The Year of Live Gigs tally up to 20 shows. First up was “Superunknown”- a tribute to the late Chris Cornell. The Soundgarden tribute band wasn’t bad but my favourite was the random Alice in Chains cover band, Alice Remains, who stole the show for me. The singer was scarily on point with his Layne Staley style vocals!

Then it was 80s/90s rocker Sebastian Bach who proved he’s still got it and wowed the audience at the Forum (one of my fave venues here in Melbourne).

Also, just quietly, I can’t wait til spring is over. My hayfever has been off the charts this year (with a fabulous new symptom, all over itchiness, YAY!). Bring on summer I say!

How was your October dollface?


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  1. I love October. It’s Autumn here, and October-March is my favourite half of the year.
    I’m that kind of guy 😉
    And I’ve returned to your blog in anticipation of the end of Froctober. You know it is-I haven’t got the legs.

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