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I don’t pretend to be an organisational guru. Looking at pics on Pinterest can overwhelm me at times and make me feel like a domestic goon instead of a domestic goddess. Where do people get so good at doing these things? Look at this pic of someone organising their accessories:


I, for one, don’t have the space to do this in my room, I’d also likely glue my fingers to my forehead if I tried! So I’ve taken this concept and scaled it down. Over the years I have recycled little vases and cups I’ve had lying around and used them to display and organise my jewellery. I’ve found that when pieces are on display I tend to wear them more but it doesn’t stop me from buying new pieces. If it could do that then we’d have a miracle on our hands!




This is probably only half of all the pieces I have, the other half live in boxes, mostly tangled. Any suggestions on storing longer necklaces and chunkier pieces?

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  1. I have a pretty big jewelry armoire stashed in my closet. I wish I could have all of the things I want out on display, but a house full of cats makes that impossible.

    • Yes! Tell me about it! I came home the other day and a little jewellery box I have that sits on my dressing table was knocked over at the little shoe that sits on top had broken off! Bad pussies!

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