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Over the weekend I did a make-up tutorial class with Luna Lita from Miss Fox. It was a great and insightful hour with a lot of handy hints and perhaps a few that I didn’t quite agree with (one being that you shouldn’t wear bright lipstick if you’re in a bad mood. I thought that was nonsense as I believe the power of lipstick alone can brighten up your day! Can I get an AMEN?!).

She did a gorgeous, natural look on my friend Beth, with lots of pinks and peaches, that I thought was quite lovely and fresh for the upcoming summer months. So of course I had to run out and buy some new make-up to test the look out. To create the look (below) I used NYX eyeshadow base, that the lovely Etta sent to me in our beauty box swap. Then I popped a layer of Prestige Cosmetics Beauty Bar eyeshadow in Sorbet (the colour under the Sephora brush) which I already had lying around and topped the colour off with my new Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked Pink which was a steal at Chemist Warehouse for $9.95! To finish off I defined my eye with Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso (which was also new and from Chemist Warehouse for $14) and a lick of Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara and voila you are ready for a night out on a summer’s evening. 




I was really happy with the end result and will be wearing this look a lot this summer. I was especially happy with the Unstoppable Eyeliner, as I didn’t have any brown liner (I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I?!) and it’s a lovely subtle look for the day when I don’t want to wear a bold, black eye. What do you think? Does this colour combo work for you?

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  1. Looks so pretty on you! I so agree about the lipstick comment! What kind of makeup expert was that lady? 😉 I love my Inked in Pink color tattoo!

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