Paspaley Polo in the City

ImageAh polo, the sport of kings, or is that horse racing?! Anyhoo, Albert Park was all a flutter on Saturday afternoon as the annual Paspaley Polo in the City hit town. After what looked like an ominous start to the day the sun broke through and it was simply glorious.

I’d never seen a polo game in action so it was great to learn the rules as we went along. Like did you know that each game is divided into periods called chukkers? And that there are only 4 players per team, who use a different horse in each chukker? That’s a lot of horses!! No wonder a lot of rich people gravitate toward the sport. 

ImageApart from the horses the day was filled with people watching, there were lots of pretty, summer dresses on display, giving me great ideas for future ensembles. I also finally got to have my Pretty Woman moment during the stomping of the divots!




Now it's your turn...let me know what you think. I love reading your comments! :)

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